Frequently asked questions

Why hire a wedding planner?

This is our full-time job, so it doesn’t have to be yours. In addition to saving you time, we have been planning and designing events for over ten years and have the expertise to help you navigate the wedding planning process which can be overwhelming and stressful. Much like you hire professionals in other areas of your life, hiring a wedding planner will help you manage the many details and decisions that go into planning your special event.

Our venue has an in-house wedding planner. Why hire Bellafare?

Every one of our clients has said they didn’t realize all that goes into wedding planning following their event. Even though your venue manager is willing to help with some of the planning, this doesn’t mean they have the same job description as our team. Bellafare will design your entire event, coordinate and execute all logistical elements (not just those pertaining to the venue), and act as an extension of your family to help with all of the little details throughout the day (bustling your dress, stitching up your bridesmaid’s torn dress, holding your hand before you walk down the aisle, etc.).

WHat sets Bellafare apart?

We create weddings that are reflective of the couple and their story. Kristin lived and worked throughout New York City for nearly ten years and has traveled the world from Europe to Africa to Asia. Bellafare’s clients tend to share the same passion for travel, fashion, design, and food /wine and want their wedding to feel like an extension of their everyday lives; refined yet unfussy, chic, and unique. We don’t follow trends and always strive to create an event that hasn’t been done before. We approach each project with the same attention to detail and creativity with the focus being on the experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Do you have a minimum budget?

Yes, our minimum budget is $80,000. That said, for smaller more intimate affairs please contact us for more details.  

How many events do you take on per year?

We are a boutique company offering tailored services to each and every client. To ensure our clients are given the best level of service with the utmost attention to detail, we take a limited number of weddings per year. The exact number is dependent on the scope of the events and scale of the client’s needs.

What areas do you primarily work?

While we are based in Charleston, SC, we cater to clients throughout the country and beyond. We have worked all over the East Coast and throughout Europe and are always excited about the opportunity of exploring a new location.

We don’t often work at the same venue twice, as our clients are looking to create an authentic, unique, and custom event that hasn’t been done before. Though travel and cultural obstacles may be involved, planning is what we know best and our process is the same regardless of where the wedding takes place.

What services do you offer?

While our primary focus is full-service comprehensive wedding planning and design for multi-day events, we will offer partial planning services on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more details or visit our sister company, Desired & Inspired, offering customizable wedding services at an approachable cost.

How many assistants will be working my wedding?

You will be assigned one lead planner and at least two additional assistants on the wedding day though the number of assistants is dependent on your guest count and the logistics involved.

How do you determine which vendors to recommend to your clients?

Over the years, we have developed close relationships with some of the best vendors in the industry. Based on your budget and overall needs, we will determine the best fit and assemble an all-star team to ensure your wedding is as seamless and beautifully crafted as possible.

What is the most important component to consider when interviewing and hiring a wedding planner?

Trust. We become very close with our clients and are often able to finish their sentences by the end of the planning process. Be sure to choose someone that totally gets you and completely understands what you are looking to achieve. Our clients choose Bellafare because they are drawn to our aesthetic, feel we understand who they are as people, and trust that with our experience and capabilities, we can bring their dream wedding to life.

What is your role in the design process?

Design is our passion. We are inspired by travel, food, wine, interiors, and fashion and feel the little details are what make a great event. We will start with a creative exercise to get to know your style better and create a custom presentation outlining colors, textures, florals, layouts, stationery and more. This presentation will serve as our guide throughout the planning process to ensure the design is cohesive throughout.

More questions?

Feel free to reach out, as we understand choosing a planner can sometimes be daunting. We are here to address any concerns you may have!