Camp Themed Wedding

Glamping with your nearest and dearest for your wedding…yes please! How much fun would it be to host a camp themed wedding where your guests can feel like they’re on vacation and you can keep the party going late into the night? Here is a round up of some of our favorite ‘glampsites’ that could serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding making you the coolest bride and groom ever…

ShelterCo_ValeriaWaltersPhoto By Elizabeth Messina 
Tent by Shelter & Co. 


Photo by Alex Mourant
Tent by Hanging Tent Company

image4Photo by Hello-Love Photography 


Photo by Feather Love Photography
Courtesy of Huffington Post 


All images by Christian Oth & Mark Seliger
Courtesy of Vanity Fair 


Photo by Nordica Photography
Courtesy of Made From Scratch

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